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Why Facebook failed with Free Basics

Land grab! Net neutrality! Imperialism! There was a lot of justified outrage (and perhaps delight) when Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of bringing the Internet to rural Indians came crashing down recently, fueled by the 11 million people who contacted the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in protest and 457 companies and more than 800 startups that signed letters vehemently opposing Facebook’s Free Basics initiative.

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gizmig2487d ago

Facebook has failed a big time in implementing Free Basics in India I don't know how they have run such a big campaign on the basis of nothing. They don't even contacted the TRAI who is responsible authority in the matter.


Now facebook is creating a lots of problems in india as newer reports show that now people are posting more and more about their sites and other things rather than uploading their personal infos. Well in this matter i think they would have contacted TRAI because they are authorised for it.

sonicwrecks2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I don't think Facebook really understood why people were so suspicious. The fact of the matter is you need total transparency and Facebook isn't whiter than white when it comes to data.