New Video Shows What iPhone 7 Could Look Like Based On Latest Rumors

Apple’s iPhone SE has now been officially added to the currently available iPhone range, which means that speculation overdrive is coming our way regarding the company’s next-generation iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 7 has already been widely discussed over the last few months, meaning that we’ve already been privy to a number of speculative suggestions about how the smartphone will look, as well as rumors about a potential underlying technical specification. In order to apply some visual sanity to those rumors we now have an unofficial 3D rendering of the device that combines all of these rumors into one video representation of what we could expect to receive later this year.

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S2Killinit2611d ago

How is that any different from iphone 6? It better not be something similar or else im going to try something else instead of another iphone. Im hoping the next iphone to be a complete redesign.