Diagnosing diseases from the smell of your farts

Try Modern: "Ok, that’s not what scientists are really looking to do but they believe that analyzing the gases our body produces at different points within our system may give us a clue to diagnose potential diseases we may have."

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gizmig2429d ago

Well the other day I was watch a video which comprises of the worst job people have and they get high salary for that. I guess this must be one of them lol

kurochi2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

one of them yes, but definitely not the worst of them.
I use to work with fecal matter in a lab. It's a big field right now that's call "microbriome". Essentially, we tested bacterial population in poop and perhaps find new ways to treat/diagnose diseases. Worst yet, it's not high pay..... Not.... fun...... LOL

gizmig2429d ago

Lol.....then you should find a job that will pay you high salary.

WizzroSupreme2429d ago

No one could ever be paid enough money for a job like this.

ChrisW2429d ago

I wonder if researching such stuff is mind numbing and really stinks?