iPhone SE takes a step backward in bendability test

Despite being thicker, Apple's new 4-inch iPhone isn't as sturdy as the higher-end 6S, bringing back memories of the 2014 Bendgate controversy.

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gizmig1346d ago

Oops! that must have been a shock for the company as they might not have thought that their past bandgate controversy will come up on their new iPhone model.


The company deals with every aspects and they might have dealed with this but to give a high quality features in a small device. Every device has many advantages but it also has a drawback and its one of it.

gizmig1346d ago

Well its not a drawback but its a flaw in the device they have launched and its unacceptable ofcourse. So they surely will fix it very soon.

Gondee1346d ago

I can't believe how dumb this is.


Because of one fault you are saying it a dumb? A phine that has all features similar to 6 can't be a dumb.

RosweeSon1346d ago

Apples new cheaper model isn't as durable as the more expensive 6s... Well that's a shocker, they use cheaper parts.


You are'nt knowing about the iphone se teardown that it contains all the 5s and 6s parts and you just told this without being aware.

mixelon1346d ago

It's still pretty hard and unlikely to bend an iPhone unless you're doing it really wrong. I've held enough phones I know would snap or otherwise break if I tried to bend them.. Why are people going out of their way to test apple products in this way over everything else? XD

annoyedgamer1345d ago

How backwards can Apple go? They never left square 1.