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Ulefone Future Helio X20 Version In The Works, Will Feature 128GB Storage

Now that the Ulefone Vienna is officially announced and is up for pre-order via various retailers, our focus is turned towards the bezel-less offering from the company, namely the Ulefone Future. We have been hearing a lot about the device in the past few weeks, in fact we also saw the device in action at MWC 2016. Now, the company has revealed more details about the upcoming flagship.

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MediaTek to release Helio X30 10nm SoC — rumored to be on par with the Snapdragon 821

MediaTek will be releasing the Helio X30, the first mobile processor to be based on the latest 10nm process, way ahead of the competition.


The Ulefone Future looks like an iPhone, but costs 3 times as less

The Ulefone Future sure does resemble an iPhone, but its price tag sure doesn't.

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Well said, at once i too thought its an iphone but after reading the article my cofussion got clarified. The price dosent matter but the features does. The phone must have the features as iphone has. If it looks alike iphone it dosent mean it will have functionality as iphone has.

007Tech2943d ago

price doesnt this article we can conclude that its a complete replica of iphone design...not it's features


You said exactly what i said!!

hard joe2942d ago

what are you guys talking about?
what feature iphone has ulefone doesn't?