Mass Terror, Autonomous Vehicles and The Internet of Everything

The year is 2035. You wake up to the sound of an automated alarm from your smart house’s artificial intelligence system. As you head towards the kitchen to grab a cup of Joe, coffee starts brewing on its own and the TV in the drawing room turns itself on to your favorite news channel. Once you’re done with refreshments, your intelligent voice assistant briefs you on the day’s many chores, general memoranda you needed to be reminded about at the start of day. You get out of your house and step into your self-driving smart car. You casually flip through pages of current news on your tablet while your car drives you through the safest and promptest route to your place of work. Everything from your grandmother’s bed to your infant’s potty is automated, and you are ignorantly leading the life of a disabled meatsack. Life is sweet. But is your realm of blissful technophilia really as safe as it sounds?

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