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Don't Let the Internet Ruin Your Life

Huffpost Tech: Social media users (isn't that most of us these days?) may want to catch The Internet Ruined My Life, a new series airing on the Syfy Channel every Thursday night. These shows profile people whose lives have been seriously messed up by the Internet (quick note: the Internet isn't really doing the messing up here, it's actually the people who are using the Internet. In other words...all of us. Ouch!). I promise these shows will have you longing for life circa 1995.

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I must see this show every thursday night because i too spend a lot of my time using faebook,twitter and insta too. I do really think social media are gaining popularity and earning more and more of that but it is spoiling our lives too.

gizmig2274d ago

In one way or the other it is affecting our lives drastically. One can't think of their lives without it I guess, atleast this is applicable in my case.