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Engadget - iPad Pro 9.7 review

Engadget - The iPad Pro raised some eyebrows when it debuted last year, but it really shouldn't have. Although tablet sales as a whole have been tanking, sales of tablets with detachable keyboards have actually grown. Is it any surprise, then, that Apple built a 9.7-inch version of the Pro to try and regain some of its tablet momentum? Not at all. Whether or not this new Pro can be the "ultimate PC replacement" Apple was hyping at its launch event depends on your personal preferences, but let's get one thing straight from the start: This is one the best tablets you can buy.

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Sahil2360d ago

These closed isolated devices are starting to feel like the apple of old. They do have cute apps admittedly and it works for a lot of people. I would purchase a Surface every time though if I had to choose a light weight productivity device.