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Microsoft's HoloLens partnerships show that augmented reality can be boring, too


Microsoft's HoloLens headset starts shipping to developers today with a price tag of $3,000, but early versions of the device are already being used by a handful of corporations around the globe. We've seen some neat uses of the augmented reality technology from these third parties in the past — for instance, a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab partnership that brings Mars to life and a slick-looking human anatomy demo with Case Western Reserve University.

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micx2277d ago

HoloLens could be used for so much, its application in design is interesting. Sure, maybe the software can't match the already established CADs, but in the future, who knows?

Sahil2269d ago

The showcase may have been boring on its face, but it doesn’t take that much of an imagination to think of the possibilities. The writer of this article seems to have none.