LG's G5 designer explains the quirkiest phone of 2016


LG’s R&D campus in Seocho, on the southern edge of Seoul, is not the easiest place to get to. After multiple taxi drivers told me on a cold March morning that it was impossible to take me there from the nearest train station, I ended up walking along highways and side streets for 40 minutes before spotting the tall, glassy building with LG’s familiar pink logo. It’s a good thing I happen to like crisp morning air.

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gizmig2248d ago

They have specifically focused on the design along with the additional extensions and features that makes it unique.

Sahil2240d ago

Having used both, I have to respectfully disagree. The G4 is bigger and harder to use with one hand. Its leather back on this shape might have been an interesting proposition, however I think this article sets out pretty well LG’s reasoning behind the choice of a metal case with the new phone.