It's official, the FBI has unlocked San Bernardino shooter's phone; drops case against Apple

Sorry, Apple, looks like the FBI won’t be needing your help again. The US Justice Department has dropped its case against Apple as they have unlocked Syed Farook’s iPhone via an alternative method and will no longer need the tech giant’s help.

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freshslicepizza2807d ago

now the FBI can tell apple for privacy and security issues they won't tell them whom the third party is

RosweeSon2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I think the FBI are well within their rights to go you wouldn't help us why would we help your business. Then pass on details of whoever helped them so they can charge apple for the knowledge.

KingPin2807d ago

or the FBI has a legal agreement with the third party to not disclose the information to apple so that they can use this method again the next time they need access to a locked iphone.

why help apple close a bug when they wont help you afterwards...

micx2807d ago

Why would they though? What they were asking Apple to do didn't simply pertain to this case only, they were in it for the long run.

xander707692806d ago

Apple probably doesn't care that much. They will eventually find out where security is compromised and fix it in the future. The important thing here is that the FBI has not set the precedent for the future, to have Apple give them access at their beck and call. It's a win for everybody.

RosweeSon2807d ago

Ah well that's me all Tech'd out.

micx2807d ago

So, everybody wins I guess? FBI did find a workaround, but Apple at least didn't need to intentionally compromise the security of their OS.

Tumaras2807d ago

Except now every hacker group in the world is working to figure out how it was done so they can replicate and use or sell the method. Only a matter of time until it leaks out or is figured out.

Wikkid6662807d ago

Not rocket science to what they did. They essentially made digital copies of the phone and then tried every combo possible till it unlocked. They now have to decrypt the data.

oldassgamer2806d ago

Not good news for Apple. They could have done this the easy way and kept it silent. Now, they may have opened Pandora's box and they have a known, vulnerable product.

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