Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Tom's guide

The Galaxy S6 pioneered a bold new design for Samsung's flagship phones, thanks to its luxurious glass-and-metal design. But to get there, Samsung had to sacrifice beloved features, such as microSD expansion and water resistance, that had been key components of the Galaxy S5. On the S7, Samsung has combined the best features of its previous two Galaxy S phones while simultaneously upping the ante for other phone makers. A slicker, more thoughtful design; a jaw-droppingly quick camera; a powerful Qualcomm 820 processor; and the latest version of Android result in a handset that's both a beauty and a beast.

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badz1491956d ago

"...pioneered a bold new design..."

WTF? I don't think I'm blind but there is barely any difference from 6! No Ext.SD, not water Samsung 9/10! Fanboy detected!

FlameBaitGod1956d ago

Huh........I dk if trolling or just really bright.

micx1954d ago

Design-wise, there's really not that much of a difference since S5.

malam901956d ago

Samsung Galaxy s7 is a nice smart phone.