Google Is Calling Android N "New York Cheesecake" (NYC) Internally

Android N is all around us — seriously, have you seen the number of Android N Feature Spotlight stories we've published in less than a week? (Hint: there are 40 and more are pending), but there's a lot we don't know about the next version of Android yet. We know the preview will get more frequent updates than L or M prior to release, we know the final release will be available in the summer, and we know that it's the bestest, awesomest, and most feature-packed'est version of Android yet. We don't know the name though, nor the software version.

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micx2345d ago

I'm a fan of "Nutella" myself, but I reckon it's off limits due to copyright and trademark laws. Nougat is kinda fine, but not as catchy as the names of the previous generations.

Sahil2339d ago

KitKat was a brand name too dont forget..... so dont rule out Nutella!