How to Root Android N Developer Preview on Nexus Devices

Once you have successfully install the latest Android OS and explored all the features of Android N. You definitely looking for a way to root Android N developer preview on Nexus device. The good news is that Chainfire already released the latest test build of SuperSU v22.69 for Android N preview which can be used to gain root access this time.

Super-Geobros2960d ago

Yes this would be a perfect step rooting becomes necessary for it. We can do advance in our smartphones.


Woman moves from iOS to Android, new phone's battery credited with saving life

She says her Huawei Y6 still had 50% battery after she awoke from being unconscious for three days.

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iRobot wants to teach your kids to code with the $199 Root Coding Robot

iRobot is getting into the STEM sphere with its acquisition of Root Robotics. Now you can get the $199 Root Coding Robot straight from iRobot.

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Top 10 Best Root Apps 2018 For Rooted Android Phones

The definitive list of root apps to be put in a rooted android phone, and the best root app at the end. These apps are innovative and expand the functionality of your smartphone - putting the 'smart' in smartphone. Are you ready to know about the root of ultimate customization.Let's get to the root of this!

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