Nope, Apple Computers Aren't More Secure Than Windows. They're Just Attacked Less

There are few things Apple users love more than being Apple users. The tight security features and largely virus-free ecosystem have long given the Mac enthusiast a feeling of superiority over virus-ridden PC brethren. One problem: It's no longer true and hasn't been true for some time.

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EXTREMETECH1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Yeah thats true about apple and i too feel that high security. This kinda security is not available with windows and if its added then windows will leave apple behind.

micx1544d ago

OS X is a lot more closed than Windows though.

Super-Geobros1543d ago

Yes they will need to do this to make windows popular more and more.

MEsoJD1542d ago

Windows is and has been the worlds most used OS.

Gondee1545d ago

locating yourself on a island is more secure than in the middle of a city. Even if you have identical security. Have we not all known this?

mixelon1544d ago

Any platform is only as secure as its clueless user segment's default settings. Most of the vectors I've known people to get attacked over (bad software that comes packaged in another installer.) is pretty absent on the Mac. Nobody is mounting a .dmg without vaguely knowing what it is, and OSX defaults to not installing unsigned apps, so it's slightly less easy (by default) to get infected.

Some stuff about OSX is more secure, other parts not so much. Nothing is 100% though. It's pretty funny how much fuss the media made when OS X got its first ransomware when there are hundreds of the damn things in Windows.

2pacalypsenow1544d ago

Someone should download and infected file on both PC and Mac both without any anti virus software to test it out

Super-Geobros1543d ago

No need of downloading a virus securities can be checked in other ways too.