John McAfee lied about San Bernardino shooter's iPhone hack to 'get a s**tload of public attention'

Daily Dot: John McAfee isn’t telling you the truth—but he says he’s lying for a good cause. McAfee has been on a media tour discussing a court order that directs Apple to write custom code to help the FBI access a terrorist’s iPhone. The method McAfee says he would use to break open the phone, he admitted to the Daily Dot, is false.

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Hold_It2578d ago

Of course he was full of sh*t. McAfee is by far the worst antivirus program followed by Norton. It literally disables your internet connection.

Stringerbell2578d ago

I'm really at a loss as to why Intel has stayed with the McAfee name for as long as they have. The guy irl is a weirdo who is always making headlines for the wrong reason. Irregardless of this no one liked McAfee as a program anyway.

When was the last time your were looking at a PC to buy and were like 'oh a free tiral of McAfee included? This is a must buy!'

ravens522578d ago

Regardless* irregardless isn't a word.

yomfweeee2577d ago

It is a word. It is a nonstandard word (meaning you shouldn't use it), but it is one.


Trilithon2577d ago

McAfee is a virus developed by a hacker. it installs itself during unrelated updates to the untrained eye and infects the users machine with bloatware, adware etc until you PAY. even if there is already antivirus installed. Cant tell you how many times Ive had to remove this garbage off my moms computer lol. guy should pay me for all my time hes wasted. garbage

1nsomniac2577d ago

Did anyone expect anything else from this guy??