Taking selfies killed more people than shark attacks since 2014

Zachary Crockett of Priceonomics has put together a compilation of selfie-related deaths pulled from 3 years of news stories from Google News and Wikipedia, unveiling a number of interesting statistics about selfie-related deaths. In total, he found 49 cases and categorized them.

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Stringerbell2854d ago

A free movie idea for SyFy: 'Attack of the Selfie Sharks' with its inevitable sequel 'Attack of the Selfie Shark II: Electric Boogaloo.'

blackblades2854d ago

Lol, selfies are stupid. We went bowling for new years and my sister sat there taking selfies saying its for memories. I'm like wtf memories of taking selfies. All you need is one picture instead of wasted time taking multiple selfies through the night.

pompombrum2854d ago

The problem created by camera phones, people are too busy trying to capture the moment that they forget to live in it and fully appreciate it.

blackblades2854d ago

@aiBreeze Exactly, I remember a photo back when the pope was here. Showing everyone with there phone out except one old lady whose enjoying the moment having that memory in the mind. These days it's just texting, selfies, social media. Makes me wish I was in the 70s or somethin. All 3 cause deaths.

Settler2853d ago

Sharknado 3 sounds better :D

TheSaint2854d ago

I shouldn't laugh but; lol at the fact more die in a year from auto-erotic asphyxiation than plane crashes.

Fluke_Skywalker2853d ago

It's called natural selection, it's a good thing.

2pacalypsenow2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

This generation of people constantly need attention and sadly base their worth on how many "followers" and "Likes" they get. Its a mental disorder

dcbronco2853d ago

Unfortunately its not the worst mental disorder caused by technology. Fanboyism is by far the worst. It may not kill you, but if it applies you might as well be dead.

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