Samsung Galaxy S7 To Last Two Days On Single Charge

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S7 on February 21, a day before the MWC at its Unpacked 2016 event. Before that date arrives, the rumor mill has been stunning.

just_looken2783d ago


My s5 can last a week on 1 charge if i use it alot then i get around 3-4 days.

2 days? thats worse than my 2006 lg phone.

annoyedgamer2783d ago

Sure...what do you do? leave it on sleep with battery saver on?

Audiggity2783d ago

"Use it a lot" for what? Sounds like this needs to be defined, because, nope!

Haha. Even with light usage the S5 can hardly finish out a single day. I have one sitting in front of me right now.

just_looken2783d ago

I use mine like a phone

texting/calls maybe a map and the odd app music/playstation.

Email/web browsing why would you do that on a phone? use a computer.

fr0sty2783d ago

My HTC One M8 would last 2 days on normal (for me, which is pretty frequent) use when I first bought it, but now it's doing good to make it through a full day.

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gizmig2784d ago

I would love it if they do so. And it will be interesting to see if Samsung is focusing on battery backup so much maybe Apple will surely give a thought about it too for iPhone7.

proudly_X2783d ago

It's high time they got serious about the battery stuff

gizmig2783d ago

Absolutely they do. Because one of the major issues that everyone faces with smartphones nowadays is the battery backup.

ProjectVulcan2783d ago

I love how 2 day battery life in 2016 is headline news. My pet hate of all these smartphones is their terrible battery life. Really should have been addressed long ago.

just_looken2783d ago

Terrible life? am i missing something????

Do you people just stream facebook junk 24/7 next to xvids and twitter????

Audiggity2783d ago

No, we turn our phones on and use them... emails, games, web browsing, video... even occasional use drains most* batteries quickly with current devices.

You are either:

a.) Not using your phone much
b.) Have a battery extending/rechargeable case
c.) Are pretending to have the only S5 in the world that magically lasts for "3-4 days" (based on your post above) under heavy usage

So... pick one, because, those are the only options that would make any sense.

mike32UK2783d ago

Sony Xperia has been advertising this as a feature for a couple of years...

bokharij2783d ago

Yeah my Xperia Z3 gets maybe about 8-16hrs a day on heavy to medium usage, but I tend to charge it at around 30%. I tried the ultra power saver mode once(turns your smartphone into a phone) and it stayed at 5% for over an hour on light to moderate use(I got to a charger before it dropped). I keep my brightness at about 75-80% with auto brightness off.

bradleejones2783d ago

My OnePlus One gets a couple days on the battery. Its one of the best battery life's in the industry. If you get a week with the S5 then... well you are full of it.

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