Carjacking Your Vehicle is as Easy as Playing a Song in it for 18 Seconds

TechFrag - So you thought that having computerized systems in our car made it a little tougher for the carjackers? Well, think again, a group of researches say that carjacking a vehicle is so easy with the new technology that you can put in a malware just by allowing the car to play a said track of song!

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Stringerbell1735d ago

Yeah this is really worrying hackers love to do things for the lulz very little to stop them from messing with your car.

sonicwrecks1735d ago

So many stories about hackers doing this sort of thing and taking over car electronics, makes you wonder just what the car manufacturers can do in the way of protection on those systems.

WizzroSupreme1734d ago

This is the only reason I loathe the idea of self-driving, automated cars in the near-future. The less I'm in control of, the more someone else probably will be.