Now we know why Sony is slow to announce new products

Sony's CES announcements this year are neatly summarized by the void of nothingness between COO Mike Fasulo's hands in the photo above. The Japanese company that helped define mainstream consumer electronics in the '90s basically didn't bother to introduce any marquee products at the biggest consumer electronics show. And, judging by Sony's latest reported earnings, that was a good thing.

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sonicwrecks1859d ago

Sony know not to show their hand too early on price and specs. A lot of the consumer base pick purely on the cheapest or most powerful. Its one of the reasons we've not heard a PSVR price yet, Sony wants everyone else to announce it first so they are not undercut in any way.

DragoonsScaleLegends1859d ago

The problem I've always had is it's always too expensive unless it's a PlayStation product.

WizzroSupreme1858d ago

Probably because of the cutthroat competition that's more than ready to launch themselves at a new project. And Sony can barely afford to let much more leak after two years ago.