Here's how much Google paid that guy who bought for a minute

Google’s own domain was bought from under its nose for $12 in October, and Google just revealed how much money it paid to get it back.

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gizmig1737d ago

Definitely is worth more than that. But kudos to the guy who have thought of tracking this domain name and purchased it right on spot. I would have never imagined to even track this domain name to purchase.

UltraNova1736d ago

Imagine how much goes...

gizmig1736d ago

First you have to track the domain so that it get expired and you have to buy it in the matter of second because the company will know it in seconds that the website is down.

Stringerbell1736d ago

Gizmig's comment is longer than the article itself. ON a side not Mashable's website is one of the most disorganized things I've ever seen.

Settler1736d ago

Old news, but interesting. So Mr Ved received $6,006.13 from google and he donated all to the charity

WelkinCole1736d ago

Yeah when google found that out they doubled what they gave him which is very nice of google.

gizmig1735d ago

Totally agree but it is kind of that guy too that he has donated the amount to "Art of living" for the betterment of the society.

RetrospectRealm1736d ago

Lmao That's hilarious and even more hilarious that they paid that exact number for it back. I wonder if anyone noticed when it was not in Google's hands? Did the domain just direct to some kind of error page?

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