How to Monitor your Network Usage in Windows

TechTeria: How to Monitor your Internet Bandwidth Usage in Windows with the use of these effective free utilities.

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gizmig1237d ago

I always prefer to use my ISP's monitor tool to track my usage.


I really do'nt track my data usage because i have an unlimited internet plan and that make me not to check my data usage.

gizmig1237d ago

If you are in India then you might have to recheck your broadband plan again. Because all ISP in India provide a limited limit upto which you will get the high speed after that will come down to 1MB or so.


Yes it does and sometimes it goes less than 1mbps but that does'nt matters a lot.

gizmig1237d ago

Maybe it don't matter to you but it surely does to me for sure.

WizzroSupreme1235d ago

With my unlimited plan, I really have no need to track much.

kronicgeek1234d ago

I own an Unlimited plan too. The problem is, most of the broadband providers have a FUP limit. For example, I have a limit of 4MBPS speed up to 200GB. Hence, I would rather save my speed than by wasting it for downloading stupid things.