Sony Interactive to place 'bigger emphasis on PlayStation VR'

VRFocus reports on that news that Sony Computer Entertainment has merged with Sony Network Entertainment to make Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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sonicwrecks1737d ago

If Sony are going to start reshaping the business to this degree that's great news for PSVR fans.

Anarki1736d ago

I really hope they do, unlike the Playstation Move which got almost no backing from Sony. It's all about that price sweet spot if this will do well or not.

gizmig1736d ago

Keeping the future in mind Sony is playing a smart move by focusing on VR playstation.

sonicwrecks1732d ago

They don't really have a lot of choice of course, they've so much invested in it they simply *have* to make it work.

gizmig1732d ago

It is not the matter of choice it is the matter of what their potential customer wants I guess.

RetrospectRealm1735d ago

Inb4 Sword Art Online becomes a reality someday. Let's just hope we don't get trapped in the game. Hahaha