Delvv CEO Discusses Smartphone Addiction

Digital Trends

It’s no longer hyperbole to refer to our relationships with our smartphones as addictive. For many of us, it’s the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we interact with at night. Our cellphones are our friends, teachers, and even lifelines, and sometimes it seems our dependency on these devices will only keep growing.

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gizmig1905d ago

Though I myself is somewhat addict to my smartphone but it is bad for me for sure. But can't help it.:P

Stringerbell1904d ago

You need help lol! I said this in another article but I had to leave my phone outside of my room when I go to bed. It became a distraction for me...

gizmig1904d ago

You should try it and see the result. I am sure you will definitely will not able to sleep without checking out your phone.

RetrospectRealm1904d ago

What's bad about it? If it's actually affecting your job or social life then it's bad. If not, then swip on.

WizzroSupreme1905d ago

I would admit that I'm on my smartphone first thing in the morning, but as long as I'm using my time well with it, that's fine by me. I use it as my pedometer too when I jog, so that's something healthy.

RetrospectRealm1904d ago

I usually watch my TV in the morning for all my news on weather and such. My smartphone is just too tiny. I would think people get on iPads in the morning more than their phones nowadays.

gizmig1905d ago

There are many things that we do on our smartphones and we can't think of our lives without it now. So that is what we call as addiction for sure.

RetrospectRealm1904d ago

Only younger people usually have that mindset. Anyone born before the tech age will know and remember what it was like before we were so tech oriented.

gizmig1904d ago

Well that is the point I am born in the time where I see all the phones around so can't help it and can't imagine to stay without it now.

RetrospectRealm1904d ago

It sure sounded like you were saying the opposite.

Dasteru1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

I think i'm the only person on the planet that isn't addicted to smartphones. Kind of ironic considering i'm a total tech head, but to me phones are for making phone calls and that is about it. I rarely touch it except to make a call or plug it in to charge.

Still using an old Samsung Ativ S (Basically a Galaxy S3 running Win 8), planning on getting an Xperia Z6 when it releases. Even then i doubt my usage habits will change much. Mostly only upgrading for the camera and FM tuner.

gizmig1904d ago

Kudos to you! If you are right about what you said. Because it is very tough for a guy who is into tech and he is not using his cellphone other than just for phone calls.

RetrospectRealm1904d ago

I'm the same, except I just don't like how small it is. I can do the same stuff on a 28 inch desktop. So I'll do whatevr I need to do there, not on a 5 inch screen with no keyboard.