When Virtual Reality Meets Education

Since the 1950s, virtual reality (VR) has been hovering on the periphery of technology without achieving accepted mainstream application or commercial adoption. Since 2012, VR startups have raised more than $1.46 billion in venture capital, including more than $100 million in funding during the last four consecutive quarters.

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gizmig1740d ago

The reason for raising so much in venture capital because investors are looking it as money making technology for sure.

sonicwrecks1740d ago

Already loads of experiences out there: Google are looking to develop their own series, the United Nations is teaming up with VR creators to help educate, and there are publishers like Unimersiv making all sorts of apps relating to history and the sciences.

RetrospectRealm1739d ago

Imagine Google Earth on a VR headset. You can go anywhere in the world within seconds. The possibilities are endless.

WizzroSupreme1740d ago

I can't imagine how fun it might be to be a VR student someday in the next decade.

RetrospectRealm1739d ago

Learning about Mongolian history is boring. Going t Mongolia within minutes is fun. I can't wait for the future.