11 million UK jobs at risk of being automated by 2036

Accounting firm, Deloitte, has warned that the rise of automation may put as much as 11 million people out of work in the UK by 2036.

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gizmig1740d ago

This is one of the drawback of using technology and machines.


This is'nt a drawback but a loss for the human beings which are dependent on job for their survival. The bots will take their place and they might give profits inturn a profit to the computers.

Revvin1740d ago

This isn't really anything new, the computer and printers saw many job losses in offices, typing pools, switchboards etc. The car industry has been shedding labour in favour of automated lines for decades

gizmig1739d ago

Government has to think of the new ways from where one can earn money too. Or else one day this world will be ruled by machines.


And this becomes very important for the beings so they could earn money too.

Stringerbell1739d ago

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DragoonsScaleLegends1739d ago

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Stringerbell1739d ago

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sonicwrecks1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

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Also let's leave it at that, people.

s45gr321739d ago

Well I guess the cook is not losing his/her position anytime soon.

gizmig1739d ago

We never know when is the time we have a robot that cook a perfect dish every time just as we love to eat.


That would be a awesome one the people would rest and eat the food i want too.

Stringerbell1739d ago

But imagine if we could get a robo Chef Ramsey lol


So are you thinking to be a cook indeed?

WizzroSupreme1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

One would think that society could find new and better ways for people to earn money and contribute to the economy. Robots performing more dangerous jobs, especially manual labor, might be safer overall – but not if the transition means the unemployment line.

If anything, the arts and education could benefit more than ever since robots will (for now) never replace human personality or creativity.

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