Uber to launch UberEats in 10 US cities

Uber ride-hailing company is all set to go live with a full-blown meal-delivery service dubbed UberEats in 10 US cities, including Los Angeles and New York.

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gizmig2566d ago

Uber is expanding their company and taking it to a next level.

Stringerbell2565d ago

Yeah doing something thats been done before and fooling people into thinking its trendy or different. Its delivery at the end of the day...

gizmig2565d ago

People just going to follow the brand "Uber" now in this other field too. Maybe they are trying improve their reputation in the market with this new thing.

Speed-Racer2565d ago

But Uber works out cheaper a lot of the times once the prices don't surge.

Stringerbell2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Yes cheaper because the alternative standard Taxis margins are so thin to begin with ie playing by the law.

Imagine if I created a new concept for eating out, in which you used an app to place your order. And when you arrive at my 'restaurant' your food is waiting for you at the table. Eliminating the cumbersome waitress out of the equation. And since I have eliminated the waitress with my app and there is no tipping involved, your dinner costs X% less.

But then I tell the local Health Department that I am a “tech” business, not a “restaurant”, and I should not be subjected to their inspections, regulation, or oversight that other restaurants have to undergo. Ignoring why we needed such oversight in the first place...

Speed-Racer2565d ago

True. I guess that's how most supplements slip past the FDA, but I'm sure there would still need to be some kind of new legislation put in place for them to produce and sell meals... unless they contract out to firms that are already approved by the health departments.

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WizzroSupreme2565d ago

Soon I'll never have to leave my house again.