SpaceX Falcon rocket explodes on landing after delivering satellite to space

This is the moment a SpaceX Falcon rocket exploded on landing after successfully delivering an ocean monitoring satellite to space.

XhiXExtreme2690d ago

Rome wasn't built in one day.


Means thats a crash landing...!!! A crash after a sucessfull landing.

sonicwrecks2689d ago

You can actually see the leg buckle after it sets down.

Was it too rough a landing? Were the joints/welds weak? Or were they weakened by the landing jets themselves?

Speed-Racer2689d ago

IMO this wasn't a failure really. Their objective of landing on an ocean pad was a success. Right on spot from what I saw in the video. It's a shame the locking mechanism didn't work but that's somewhat minor in this testing stage as that's an easier fix. The major task of getting it down on the ground has been achieved.