Don’t expect battery life miracles in wearables anytime soon

After spending a week surrounded by a gluttony of gadgets at CES, it would be easy to confuse "new" with "innovative." Case in point: wearables. There were plenty of new wearables unveiled last week, ranging from an Android Wear watch for the outdoors, to a don’t-call-it-a-smartwatch smart fitness watch, to basic activity trackers disguised as fashionable bracelets.

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Stringerbell2354d ago

Dont expect batter life miracles in anything it seems. Laptops, phones, tablets, etc etc. Look I get why... it just sucks that huge advancements can be made in XYZ field but when it comes to batteries things are so far behind.

sonicwrecks2352d ago

A fundamental leap forward is needed certainly, whilst wireless charging will herald a new direction basic storage is still an issue.