Meet The Queen Of Imgur, The Image-Sharing Site That's Half The Size Of Twitter

For someone who has become known as ”queen” of her online world, Sarah Schaaf is outright demure.

The 30-year-old Schaaf is officially Imgur’s head of community — the voice of users, known as Imgurians, and the ear to their requests. But she’s quick to deflect any talk that she deserves credit for the success of the image-sharing site.

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Nodoze1750d ago

Powering porn all over the world. God save the queen (this one, not the old hag in England).

RetrospectRealm1749d ago

Who watches porn on Imgur? In what? GIF form? Who does that? Haha

Speed-Racer1749d ago

I was asking myself the same thing. I guess you could get still via IMGUR but the real stuff is elsewhere ;)

RetrospectRealm1749d ago

I really hope that someday Imgur will make some kind of tool that does not compress images when they are uploaded. It's hard to share very high quality images over the internet only to have them downgraded, albeit slightly.