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Would you wear Google Glass if it looked like this?

Of all the problems with Google Glass, the biggest one was social acceptance. No matter what they did for you, the device simply looked too dorky for the vast majority of the public to consider wearing.

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Stringerbell2582d ago

No thanks. I wore glasses, and wouldn't go back to them no matter what they can do now.

RetrospectRealm2581d ago

It sounds like you just don't like any type of glasses because of how they look?

Stringerbell2581d ago

Nah, they just got in the way. Literally, I'd fall asleep wearing them, wake up and they were all bent out of shape- or I'd be playing sports and they would fall off. So one day I just get lasik and never looked back (no pun intended).

KingPin2582d ago

will google glass come with prescription lenses?
coz i wear glasses and i cant exactly wear glasses over my glasses. 3D movies are one thing...daily usage is another thing entirely.

sonicwrecks2581d ago

The technology will eventually evolve that way but unfortunately it is going to take a lot of time. The wearable tech just isn't advanced enough as things stand.