CES 2016 in pictures

"There was so much cool stuff to see at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that we just had to share it with you."

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Stringerbell2403d ago

I imagine like any convention BO is a killer...

Speed-Racer2403d ago

Not really. I've been to two CES events already. Las Vegas itself is pretty cool (around 59F most days) during that time of year plus the convention center has a good air management system, so you never feel hot or smelly. The only bit I can't handle is when you go outside where all the smokers are.

Stringerbell2403d ago

Oh thats right, didn't you get to attend CES last year?

Speed-Racer2403d ago

Nah. Dad was ill with cancer, so I decided I'd be better off at home. CES will always be there.

WizzroSupreme2403d ago

If a picture could tell a thousand words…these would tell millions.

EXTREMETECH2403d ago Show
Tuxmask552402d ago

What words come to mind for you?