I drove the Chevy Bolt, GM's electric car for everyone

The Verge

So, here's a crazy thing: this time last year, no one even knew that GM was working on an affordable, high-range electric car.

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This buddy car resembles to the Volkswagen giant bus.

RetrospectRealm1989d ago

Why does it have to look like that though? It's not attractive? They can't make it look like a muscle car? This is why I hate futuristic cars. They're UGLY.

HedwigOwl1988d ago

Okay so yeah it does not look very good but the first fear about an EV is that it can turn out to be really slow, for obvious reasons, but this one is not, at least to reasonable extent.

Stringerbell1986d ago

Back to the drawing board with the design of this car, not feeling it at all.