Smart tattoos just debuted at CES 2016

Now, when you're justifying your new ink, consider suggesting a "smart tattoo," the latest trend to emerge in wearables.

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HedwigOwl1983d ago

Have I read it correct?? Tattoo will move on me??? Sorry, I know it's tech and all but imagination is kind of creepy. Reminds me of those coffin worms from The Mummy!! At least parents won't go mad about this one though... :P


Yes the best thing is the parents will not worry about this and the teachers will not scold us.

wannabe gamer1983d ago

i dont think you read it, it isnt a tattoo at all its just a sticker like a bandaid

RetrospectRealm1982d ago

At this point it's not really about if it looks cool or if people will like it, but about if someone is inventing something new, no matter what it is.

proudly_X1983d ago

This is insane. I have never been a fan of tattoos but this tech is worrisome and I bet you, it will meet a corresponding backlash from the medi-field.

wannabe gamer1983d ago

it isnt even a tattoo its just a sticker. no different than putting on a band-aid at all besides what is in it

rdgneoz31983d ago

Yah. I thought it'd be an interesting new tech tattoo, but instead it's just a band aid that works with an app for skin care and researchers...

3styler1983d ago

*Misleading title alert*

RetrospectRealm1982d ago

The title was pretty straightforward. How did you misread it and what did you think it said?

3styler1982d ago

If you read the article it never ever mention anything about any tatoo, just stickers.

techdragon1983d ago

every one has own choice, even i do not like tattoos but some of my friend r crazy about it s for them

wannabe gamer1983d ago

its a sticker. not a tattoo. if this can be called a tattoo then so can a bandage lol but sure it makes for nice headlines for le hits

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