Don't panic about iPhone sales - yet

If recent reports are to be believed, on first blush it appears that the wheels have already fallen off iPhone sales, with Apple reportedly cutting production by as much as 30 percent. But things might not be as clear-cut as they appear.

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Stringerbell1995d ago

With the rise of xiaomi and Huawei its only inevitable for some company to loose ground.

Gondee1995d ago

I think carrier phone subsidy changes are changing how people buy phones. I forsee many more people waiting for the 7 now that they must pay out of pocket.

RetrospectRealm1994d ago

That's because the latest iPhone has been around for a while. Just wait for the next one to come out and everyone flocks to the store to get it. Then we'll really see a rise and headlines will say "APPLE IS BACK!".

WizzroSupreme1991d ago

Well, I'm sure not. What stock I don't own hasn't sunk in my world yet.