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New Dish DVR Lets You Record Up To 16 Shows At Once, Watch 4 Channels Simultaneously In HD

Do you feel the need to watch everything on TV all at once? Then Dish might be the TV provider for you. The satellite company is coming out with a new DVR that features 16 different tuners for people who just can’t get enough TV.

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Stringerbell2363d ago

For the ultimate multitasker I suppose. I cant even properly focus with picture in picture.

HedwigOwl2362d ago

My mom will surely like it because she is a crazy soap opera fan and makes us watch 3 serials simultaneously, switching in commercial breaks!

techgeeker2362d ago

Why am I not able to approve this story? It says that my IP address has approved this article. HedwigOwl, have you hacked my Wi-Fi and using it? :P

sonicwrecks2362d ago

So basically this is the machine that Marty McFly Jr uses in Back To The Future Part II.

I hope it gets the Weather Channel.