Volkswagen’s electric bus concept is a groovy, far out vision for the future

The Verge

If you took a Volkswagen bus and stuffed it full of futuristic CES buzzwords, this is basically what you'd end up with. It's called the BUDD-e Concept and it is, according to Volkswagen, a "gateway to the future."

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RetrospectRealm1995d ago

Ugly. Straight up ugly. The outside, even in the inside with that weird seating arrangement. I feel like people think futuristic means "simple" too much. It doesn't have to look that weird, simple, and boring. Spice it up a bit.

Stringerbell1995d ago

It kind of looks like a bumper car...


Or it can be termed as a giant van.

RetrospectRealm1994d ago

@ExtremeTech It isn't even that big though. If anything, a minivan.