This App Wants To Kill The Selfie Stick


Can an app replace the selfie stick? Sadly that seems a forlorn hope at this point. The plague of wands topped with phone clamps and wielded by photo-loving tourists everywhere seems unstoppable.

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gizmig1994d ago

Nice. But I will still prefer to use a selfie stick for clicking my selfie.


Yes you have the right opinion about it becuse its easy to use as compared to any software.

ChrisW1994d ago

I've hated the selfie-stick for the longest... Since its advent.


You have hated the selfie stick so you might be in favour of this app?

RetrospectRealm1994d ago

Well, if he hates the selfie stick... then he obviously wouldn't be against this...


No this isn't right if he against the stick he might also be against selfies.

Stringerbell1994d ago

A couple weeks ago I saw some fool was trying to use a selfie stick on the platform while a train was coming. He got all nervous had a herp derp moment and dropped it - miracles do exist.


The selfie stick along with the smartphone fell?

Stringerbell1993d ago

Yeah and almost on to the tracks too. Put it this way people joke that walking while on your phone or doing anything with it in public is a hazard but it is actually. Not a day goes by here where I don't see people walk into each other or better yet random poles because they can't disconnect. I even saw someone pull an oblivious guy out of the street because he was texting and was nearly run over by a cab...