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Leaked image shows the Galaxy S7 with a 12.2 MP camera, 5.7-inch model

2016 has begun, and the launch of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will soon be upon us. The leaks are expected to start flowing in greater numbers over the next few weeks, and an image published on the web over the weekend has revealed a few specs of the 5.7-inch Snapdragon 820-powered variant of the Galaxy S7.

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proudly_X2155d ago

This means the Note series might be going into extinction. I am not sure about Samsung's mobile strategy for 2016, but I am pretty sure they will get very dirty. The market is becoming highly competitive by the day.


Yes the note series may now come to an end. No I don't think their strategy will get dirty. They might be launching new versions of phones to beat their competetors. Yes, the market is becoming competitive and Samsung needs to worry about that.


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MicrosoftMackin2154d ago

I meant will it have USB type c

Dragonking0072154d ago

Looks like most specs very similar to my note 5 dont think ill be getting an s7 if i know itl have same display and camera looks like itl be taking a step back.


No, that isn't right about this phone it has many different specs than note5 and its some of the specs are quite similer but the phone varies in many ways.


If the specifications suit me I will look forward for buying this phone because my HTC 826 has made me mad.

Blasphemy2152d ago

well if this is the best they can come up with call me disappointed.