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The Moto 360 Sport is, at it's core, a second-generation Moto 360, but with a few alterations. It's got a body wrapped in a silicone strap, a GPS chip stuffed inside for smartphone-free exercising, and a new display that promises easy visibility in the sun. But while Motorola slapped the name "sport" on this watch, it's really more a running watch than anything. Mediocre battery life and a design that screams fitness band compromise the Moto 360 Sport's potential.

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sonicwrecks1990d ago

That's a pretty comprehensive review.

WizzroSupreme1989d ago

I haven't worn a watch since 2013 myself. It's why I just carry a phone with me and use that as my clock. It's more multipurpose then a Moto 360 might ever be.


It is a watch and how can you compare it with a phone its just a gadget having a small screen and not that much functions as your phone contains.