Brazil's WhatsApp Ban Reveals A Big, Scary Problem For Everyone

Any smartphone user -- regardless of nationality -- should be very worried about this.

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solid_snake36562908d ago

That sucks. Give up a little freedom here a little freedom their, eventually you'll be left with 0 freedom.

Stringerbell2908d ago

The point is people misconstrue these as freedoms (in their current state) my gmail, my Facebook, my Twitter. But at any time any service on the web can be closed without warning locking you from what's 'yours.' Be it by a govt. the service provider themselves or a nefarious third party. We need the laws to catch up and properly address these issues. And of course such discussion only highlights how important net neutrality is and will continue to be.

FranzKafka2908d ago

The ban was supposed to last 48 hours, but was suspended a mere 12 hours later. The sudden withdrawal shows that users aren't entirely powerless. It was 100 million smartphone owners against a single judge's solitary decision, after all.

mechlord2908d ago

that fact that it was suspended a mere second is the problem. Its not about the duration.


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