Apple rebooting budget iPhone with iPhone 6c in early 2016?

It has been rumoured previously that Apple were working on a successor to the iPhone 5c. However these rumours were squashed after sales of the iPhone 5c clearly did not meet Apple’s high expectations, leading the project to be abandoned in early 2015.

However new details and rumours have surfaced leading to suggest that Apple will indeed be pressing ahead with its next generation budget phone iPhone 6c.

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deadlydragon1212009d ago

Not really sure how this will go seeing iPhone 5c was a big failure. However it looks like they are trying to replace the iPhone 5s being the 'budget' phone. So lets see how this goes!

deadman1212009d ago

Seems an OK phone for users who don't prefer the bigger size.

eferreira2009d ago

It sold 9 mil its opening weekend, how was that a failure?

deadman1212008d ago

In comparison to the other iPhones it was a failure - why else would Apple abandon the 6c project previously?

darkwalker2008d ago

Timing might have been a big factor. They didn't want to release the iPhone 6c during the release of the 6s because it might have canabalized sales of the 5s and/or 6. The timing right now is more appropriate as sales of those phones are winding down.

N0TaB0T2008d ago

"Budget"? If you're going to clickbait find a more creative panel, lol...

deadman1212008d ago

So you are saying the iPhone 5c was not meant to be the 'cheaper option'?

MicrosoftMackin2008d ago

If 5c had better colors it would've sold better not to mention every phone had a black glass front which made their color choices even worse.IMO

deadman1212008d ago

Very true, was a bit awkward seeing that - maybe they'll get it right this time round?

lnfiniteLoop2008d ago

all Apple did was ditch the 5c the didnt bring the price of the 5s to budget range like they normally did with previous old models they did stripped the memory down and just knocked a few quid off not much else (in the UK)...

Tzuno2008d ago

Apple? Budget? you make me laugh, "overpriced" is the right term.