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Hands-on with Simblee, connecting things to the cloud through smartphones

Earlier this year, Ars Technica got a demonstration of a technology that seeks to change how we interact with embedded computing technology—tying together Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications, Arduino-style microcontroller technology, and mobile Internet connectivity. The chip at the core of the technology, called Simblee, allows device developers to build and deploy their own mobile applications without having to write iOS or Android code or having to publish their applications through an app store. Eight months have passed, and Simblee Corporation's eponymous chip is now shipping to pre-order customers and is for sale through electronics distributors.

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FBI reacts to Apple’s end-to-end encryption feature that advocates laud

The Shortcut reports the FBI opposition to Apple's encryption, covers the EFF's approval of it, and reports Apple's discontinuation of on-device CSAM scanning.

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Huawei and China Mobile Fujian Team up for Operator Cloud VR

A new Cloud V services launches in China alongside new optical broadband upgrades.


NGCodec Announce Availability of New Lowest Latency Cloud VR Encoder

The new encoder could possibly pave the way for better Cloud VR.