Who's still using Internet Explorer? And why won't they upgrade?

On January 12, 2016, Microsoft is officially dropping support for all but the latest version of Internet Explorer. For a surprisingly high number of laggards, it's time to upgrade or face a world of hurt. So what's holding them back?

HedwigOwl2728d ago

I use it in certain circumstances. For example, I have my professional gmail id logged in chrome and personal one in firefox. Then if someone borrows my laptop to use gmail, I ask them to log in to internet explorer. Though it won't be an issue if its taken down because there are a lot of, and may be better options.

franwex2728d ago

I use it at work. It is the default browser for my company. Some county websites work only-or best on Internet Explorer-and older versions to boot!

plmkoh2727d ago

Edge browser is exclusive to Windows 10 and until Microsoft finally wakes up and stops auto-updates, I will never upgrade my computers on win7/8 to win10. That is why I continue to use internet explorer.

KingPin2727d ago

IE is still necessary. some sites work better on IE than other browsers. with that said, i only use IE when im using those certain sites. my primary browser is Firefox. second is chrome. opera and vivaldi i use from time to time as well on the odd occasion. i know, thats a lot of browsers, but i like to test out the other products to see what ideas they have over the competition.

Ogygian2727d ago

NowTV (Sky's on-demand TV service) does not work on Edge or Chrome.

IE has Silverlight support.