Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Microsoft Lumia 950 – Will Windows 10 reach Android standards?

"By November, Microsoft released its first Windows 10 smartphone, the Microsoft Lumia 950 which instantly entered the high-end smartphone race. Specification wise, Lumia 950 can easily compete with Samsung Galaxy S6 the huge difference being the Operating System."

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headpress1047d ago

No chance any time soon.

KingPin1047d ago

the one place windows beats android is being easy on the battery. this was proved on identical hardware in the HTC one m8. so if people who want the benefits of a smartphone with better battery life then windows phones are for them.

gunnerforlife1047d ago

the UI is horrible on Windows!! it is not simple at all, i couldn't even do the basic things right! had a horrible two weeks using a windows phone

BuildTheWall1047d ago

I'll take the 950 over any Apple or Android phones. Hate Apple & there's something about Android OS that just annoys the hell out of me.

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