Nobody Gives A Hoot About Xperia Smartphones And It’s Damning

Sony, like Apple has a notorious way of pushing grossly over-priced devices in the market. Spot the difference, Apple got an escape route in marketing and hyping whatever has their logo on it like it’s the coming of the anti-Christ.

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proudly_X1045d ago

It's a shame to see decent phones draining in the gutter..

Stringerbell1045d ago

Truth. These are great phones but all people care about is brand recognition.

proudly_X1045d ago

I have to agree with you, but Sony isn't a small brand.. I have always wondered why things are not working out. The last time I used an Xperia phone was in 2013. I still don't feel the urge to try the latest, it's a feeling I really can't explain.

Tzuno1044d ago

one of best phones out there, nice design intuitive menu, Samsung is everywhere and i do not like it a bit.

KingPin1045d ago

the problem i feel with sony phones is that the quality of their premium handsets isnt there when compared to other manufacturers and the prices of their mid-range phones are also not in line with their competitors.

speaking specifically about android phones, when you compare the build quality of the HTC one M8/M9 to that of the sony, id take the Alminium phone over plastic any day. samsung went with a glass backing on the s6 which also has a good feel. personally not as good as the HTC but better than the plastic of sony.

My bro got the Z3 and after literally 3 days wasnt happy with the quality at all, he felt his previous HTC One X had better qaulity. after much hassles with the service provider he was able to change it for the HTC One M8. he has no regrets at all and will probably never buy another sony phone ever again...unless they throw in a free PS4.

Revvin1045d ago

Its a shame as the handsets are great. I switched from the iPhone to the Z3 as I wanted an Android handset with decent specs and a premium look and feel and I think the Z3 has that. My Nephew recently got the Z5 and again it looks great and performs really well. My wife wanted a decent camera on her phone and also went with the Z3.

Sony just doesn't seem to market them very well and get the brand out there and make it a desirable product, when I talk to friends about Android handsets they usually just mention Samsung.