Facebook’s New Feature will warn you if Government is Spying On You

Facebook just launched a new notification feature that will strongly warn you if facebook suspects that your account is being hijacked or targeted by hackers belonging to Government Agencies.

Tzuno2846d ago

Yeah yeah, i call this a marketing stunt and nothing real just typical sheep food.

FlameBaitGod2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

They give our info to them for free and charge other 3rd parties for it so this is just like really dumb lol, anyone who isn't informed is gonna be like... "well that's nice".

1nsomniac2846d ago

Really!? So having to authorise with your phone to get access. In turn giving your cellular location even if your using an anonymous internet connection. Surely no one is dumb enough to not see why all these companies are now trying their hardest for your mobile details.

It's just another means of getting more of your personal details that they can then sell in to 3rd parties in order to make money from you. So they can bombard you with even more marketing.

extermin8or2846d ago

So either they just want more of your details OR they are going to end up warning terrorists they are being watched... wtf

Stringerbell2845d ago

Just get off Facebook. If you have privacy concerns online, you need to severely limit your online presence end of.


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