TechSpy V2 Open Beta

It’s been a while now since we last had a major update to the site, 5 years to be exact. We are finally ready to push the next site update and we are aiming for a launch mid December. Before that we need some help with breaking stuff so we are opening up beta versions of all 5 NewsBoiler sites today so that we can do some stress testing and sort out the last bugs.

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KingPin1051d ago

the new colour scheme works but the rest of it seems impractical.
its a lot of wasted space on the page mostly due to the size of each preview.
compared to the old one, where you could fit 5 previews next to each other, now you can only do 3.

with the list view, you could see more by scrolling less, with the new version, this is not the case.

what could possibly work is the new theme over the old layout and maybe neatening up the right hand column with the user blogs, user reviews and last commented section like you did with the layout.

techgeeker1051d ago

I like the way things work here though!