8 tech deals before, during and after Black Friday: GoPro, Tronsmart, Samsung and more

"I’m scared and appalled about Black Friday at the same time, but the shopping spree is inevitable when so many manufacturers, resellers, retailers, e-commerce platforms and stores bombard everyone with attractive deals. Everywhere I click on the internet, I find myself confronted with tailored tech deals and I can’t help but bookmark them, hoping I would take advantage of them one of these days."

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emilysmithltg1063d ago

The stealengine cheat is awesome

pressjudge1063d ago

It really helps. Ohh and the gopro deal is great

emilysmithltg1063d ago

I wonder why that GoPro deal wasn't featured in other places... It's the best price on the Hero+ LCD I've seen this year...

Stringerbell1062d ago

Usually dont spend too much on BF. Maybe a video game or movie or two. Anyone plan on breaking the bank, and if so what are you guys in the market for?