Apple Pencil available for in-store purchase at Best Buy

Apple surely knows how to lure consumers on festive seasons into an Apple-gadgets buying spree. For Apple fans, there can be nothing better than having an Apple product launched amidst the shopping-madness of Black Friday.

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Revvin1063d ago

Overpriced and ridiculously large, its more like a chopstick than a pencil with awful battery life and a really poor way of charging it that just begs for that connector to snap off.

mcstorm1062d ago

I don't think the pro will sell very well. I do think we are now starting to see the end of apples bubble and I think Microsoft and Google will be the company's that start to grow now as Apple get smaller.

Revvin1062d ago

Its just not a 'Pro' device. Its laughable Coook trying to pass this off as something that could replace your laptop and try and grab some of the attention the Surface has. If it had been a full Mac OS experience I would have taken a look but to be quite honest I don't need a jumbo iPad with an over priced pencil that is ridiculously big compared to other devices of its ilk.

This should have been the 'iPad Plus' with the 'iPad Pro' launching next year with a full Mac OS with a free pencil. Apple priced themselves out of the market with this device because you can buy a device that does so much more for around the same price.